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Ultra-Violet Light Stabilizer (UVLS) Clears
Acrylic – Aliphatic Polyurethane Resin

Edited January 2021


UVLS clears are water-based, architectural-grade clears made for interior and exterior applications.  UVLS Clears are made with an acrylic – aliphatic polyurethane resin which is exceptionally durable with excellent adhesion.
Clears are durable and do not yellow over time.

UVLS stands for Ultra-Violet Light Stabilizer; clears contain UV protection for underlying colors, especially helpful when top-coating candy2o and other dyes & stains.

UVLS Clears have an ASTM E84 Class A fire rating for smoke & flame spread.

Available in 4050 Gloss, 4051 Satin and 4052 Matte.

  • 4050 Gloss is the highest gloss-level Createx clear.
  • 4051 Satin & 4052 Matte maintain a consistent gloss-level that doesn’t “gloss up” when excess material is applied.
  • 4050 Gloss has the best adhesion and is the recommend UVLS Clear for use as a primer.

UVLS Clears Have 3 Functions

1. Top-coat clear for exterior & interior applications such as sign, costuming, modeling and more.

  • Perfect top-coat to any Createx paint for applications other than automotive.
  • Excellent flexibility for cosplay & costuming.
  • Allow 48-hours air drying before direct contact with water and 5-days minimum air drying before water submersion.
  • Excellent mar resistance. UVLS Clears withstand direct contact without showing abrasion.
  • Works excellent as inter-coat clear to tape and mask over.

Scuffing not required up to 48-hours after application. After 48-hours, dry sand with 600 - 800 grit.
Functions (cont’d.)
2. Primer – 4050 Gloss Clear is an excellent adhesive primer for direct application to any substrate other than silicone.

  • Direct-to-Metal primer with excellent adhesion to any metal including brass and steel without risk of corrosion. For best adhesion onto polished, non-sanded metals, allow 48-hours air drying.
  • Direct to most plastics including 3D print composite material, polycarbonate, styrene and more.
  • Excellent wood primer. Protects without raising wood grain. Prevents underlying oil and tannin bleed-through.

3. candy2o carrier

  • 4050 Gloss Clear is the best medium to mix with concentrated candy2o colors.
  • 4050 Gloss is better than mixing candy2o with 4030 Balancing Clear as a more durable and uniform candy color is created that dries quicker.
  • Mix 4050 Gloss 6:1 candy2o, then, optional, thin with 4011 Reducer 5% - 10% per volume.

Mixing & Thinning UVLS Clears

UVLS Clears are thinned with 4011 Reducer 5% - 10% per volume. 

  • Allow reduced UVLS Clear 10+ minutes to acclimate before spraying. The added reducer breaks down surface tension in the clear for improved flow & leveling.
  • Distilled or deionized water may be used 5% - 10% per volume to thin clears, do not exceed as drying times and adhesion will be affected.


UVLS Clears may be applied by spray-gun, airbrush, or traditional brush.

  • Spray-Gun: 1.3mm – 1.4mm
  • Mini-Gun: 1.0mm – 1.2mm

Follow gun manufacturer’s psi recommendations.

  • Airbrush: 0.5m ~ 20 – 25 psi

Application (cont’d.)

Pin-hole free coverage is achieved with 3 medium coats.
Apply coats medium, wetted so they look glossy during application but not so much material that the coat “milks up”, that is appears cloudy due to excess build.

  • Each coat should be ~ 0.5 - 0.75 mil. wet.
  • Apply with a 50/50 overlapping pattern.
  • If coat appears cloudy, allow extended drying time.
  • Avoid over-atomizing; clears are best applied at lower psi settings for best adhesion and highest gloss-level of 4050 Gloss.  Dry-sprayed coats will lose gloss and adhesion.

Scuffing underlying paint is not required.

  • When applying 4050 Gloss Clear as an adhesive primer, dry sand substrate 400 – 800 grit.
  • Clean sanded substrate with a solvent-based degreaser, not a water-based cleaner, prior to applying 4050 Gloss Clear.

Drying Times & Curing

Estimated drying and curing times are set at 70⁰F
(21⁰C) and 50% or less relative humidity (RH).  Allow for extended drying times when painting in colder temperatures or more humid conditions. Painting in temperature below 60⁰F (15⁰C) not recommended.

Re-coat times are approximately 10 – 15 minutes. 

  • Allow clears to dry matte (non-wetted).
  • There are no time windows, if in doubt, allow for extended drying time.

Time to tape is 45 – 60 minutes after application.

  • When applying direct to difficult substrates, allow for extended drying times, up to 48-hours for substrates such as polished stainless steel that is not sanded for paint preparation.
  • Scuffing clear is not required when taping UVLS Clears ~ 48-hours after application. After 48-hours, UVLS Clears cure hard and tape will lay down best when Clear is dry sanded 600 – 800 grit.

Do not use heat to assist to force dry as this may result in loss of adhesion. Use warm air to assist drying times.

Allow 6-hour minimum air drying before sanding & polishing.  Full cure is in excess of 48-hours after application. Allow 5 days minimum drying before water submersion.


UVLS Clears do not have a pot-life after mixing with reducer. However, as 4011 Reducers promote drying and curing, only reduce clear intended for application within a 12-hour period for best spray consistency, flow and leveling.

Keep clears capped air-tight when not pouring from the bottle. Store away from direct light in a cool, dark environment such as a paint cabinet or box in a closet.


UVLS Clears are compatible as a clear or primer with any Createx paint. 

  • Compatible as a top-coat or primer for other paint types, both water-based and solvent-based.
  • Always allow paint to dry thoroughly before top-coating with UVLS Clear.

Cleaning from Airbrush or Spray-Gun

UVLS Clears are best rinsed from the airbrush or spray-gun with 5618 Airbrush Cleaner or 4011 Reducer. Use 4008 Restorer as a rinse for final clean to remove dried paint.

Cleaning UVLS Clears after Curing

UVLS Clears should only be cleaned thoroughly dried. Use a solvent-based degreaser or odorless mineral spirits to clean.
Often, a dry, tack-free wipe is adequate to clean UVLS Clears.

Health & Safety

Use in a well-ventilated area.  Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after use.  Do not ingest. When spraying or sanding, use a properly fitting NIOSH / MSHA approved respirator.
Eye contact: Rinse with clean water for 15 minutes.  Seek medical attention.
Inhalation: Use in in well ventilated areas and wear a NIOSH / MSHA approved respirator.
Refer to UVLS Clears SDS for additional information.

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